Become A Shift Leader!

Welcome to the Shift Leader Application! Being a Shift Leader is the first step into management at Buffalo Wild Wings and is an amazing honor. A Shift Leader is a Team Member who measures and executes quality operations, ensures delivery of guest service, coaches, trains and directs team member performance, positively impacts the achievement of sales and profits in the restaurant, helps provide support and direction for the Front of House and the Heart of House teams and interacts with management to achieve results on a shift-by-shift basis. 

What kind of person is a Shift Leader?

The type of person that is a Shift Leader has a desire to establish a career with CHM.  Shift Leaders are highly organized individuals that exemplify the CHM Core Values of Communication, Integrity & Appreciation.  Shift Leaders are individuals of strong character that care and want to make a difference in their restaurant.  They know what the right thing to do is and do it without question.  They care about the Team Members, the Guests and ensure the CHM Experience is shared by all.

Benefits of being a Shift Leader?

Becoming a Shift Leader is the first step in to management at CHM.  Most Shift Leaders are dedicated existing team members that are ready  to take the first steps in to management.  Shift Leaders receive number of benefits.

  • Training & Development
  • Leadership Courses
  • Opportunity to hone your leadership skills
  • Preferred Advancement Opportunities
  • Making a Difference!

What Kind Of Experience Do I Need?

Anyone can become a Shift Leader. Existing CHM Team Members in good standing are always considered however, individuals that have restaurant experience who command a large understanding of the restaurant industry are also preferred.  Are you a good person of strong character willing to learn?  That is the main ingredient CHM is looking for. 

So, what do you think?  Do you want to become a Shift Leader?

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort.
— Calvin Coolidge

If you are interested in becoming a Shift Leader use the link below to begin the application process!

*Please Note That New Applicants Not Currently Employed By CHM May Be Asked To Complete A More In-Depth Application.  Thank You.

Job Duties of A Shift Leader

Administrative Tasks

  • Open the restaurant alone including all appropriate paperwork

  • Close the restaurant alone including all appropriate paperwork

  • Run a mid-shift alone

  • Perform shift change including all appropriate paperwork

  • Break down cash drawers

  • Perform safe audits

  • Inspect credit cards (irregularities balance against P.O.S system)

  • Complete manager absolutes

  • Perform comps, voids and discounts and pull backs

  • Perform server check-outs

  • Document shift highlights in the daily communication log 

Operational Readiness and Execution

  • Perform HOH Line Checks

  • Perform Bar Line Checks

  • Perform daily QSC

  • Monitor food quality, labor and safety throughout the shift

  • Receive food orders, ensure proper product, food quality, food safety and proper storage

  • Receive liquor order, ensure proper products and proper storage 

Guest and Team Member Relations

  • Conduct Team Member pre-shift meetings

  • Perform figure eights during peak periods

  • Address guest complaints in the restaurant

  • Assign cleaning duties to Team Members 

  • Manager labor on the shift

  • Monitor guest and Team Member safety and security

  • Monitor responsible alcohol service

  • Monitor throughout the shift 

  • Complete RAS incident report, as necessary

  • Provide support to Team Members for discontinuing service to guests

  • Monitor Human Resources procedures appropriate to the Shift Leader role