Memo Requests

Hello and welcome to the Memo Requests Section of the CHM Website.  This specific section was created for department heads and authorized CHM Team Members to submit a Memo Request.  The intent of the following form is to expedite any Memo Requests by streamlining our system for creating official memo's to go out to the field.  If you are reading this message than you are an authorized user that has been granted log in privileges to this website to submit Memo Requests.

Once submitting your Memo Requests your Memo will be queued up for review and distribution at the scheduled distribution time frame below.  All Memo's are reviewed by The Office Of The President Of CHM.  If approved you will not receive notification, the Memo will be immediately distributed on the next relevant day based on the schedule below.  If additional feedback is required or Memo is rejected someone from The Office Of The President Of CHM will reach out directly to you.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and being part of the CHM Memo Requests Section of CHM.

Memo Distribution Schedule

  • CHM Company Wide Distribution
    • Every Monday & Wednesday by 12p CST.


  • CHM Home Office Distribution
    • Every Wednesday by 12p CST.


  • Buffalo Wild Wings Distribution
    • Every Monday by 12p CST.


  • Smashburger Distribution
    • Every Wednesday by 12p CST.

MEMO's that require immediate distribution can be marked UGENT RED RED on the Memo Submission Form for immediate review and upon approval immediate distribution.  Immediacy is not guaranteed.

Please follow the link below to take you to the MEMO REQUESTS FORM.  Thank you.