PTO Requests

Welcome to the PTO Requests Submission Page.  Are you planning a vacation? Jury Duty?  Maybe feeling a little under the weather and need to take the day off?  Well, the PTO Requests Submission Page was created just for you!  

All CHM Managers are eligible to receive paid time off during their employment with CHM. During the first year of employment all managers are able to accrue up to 5 days of paid time off. During the second year of employment and all subsequent years all managers are able accrue up to 10 days of paid time off. Unused paid time off days can roll over to the next year, however, this number is limited to 5 paid time off days as managers may never accrue more than 15 paid days off per year.

Any manager who wishes to use PTO time must have already accrued the number of days requested off. I.E. If the manager is requesting 4 PTO days, the manager must have 4 PTO days available for use.

All CHM Managers are given 2 days off per week. If a manager requires additional days off per week, he or she must use accrued PTO time unless approved by his or her supervisor and The CHM Human Resources Department.

When scheduling to use accrued PTO time, Managers are allowed to schedule PTO time in conjunction with scheduled time off. However, no Manager may be absent from his or her restaurant for more than 7 days. I.E. 2 scheduled off days, 5 PTO days and 2 scheduled off days will not be allowed in a row. However, 2 scheduled off days and 5 PTO days is acceptable.

For absences in excess of available PTO days, appropriate payroll deductions will be made.

Proper time off request procedures must be followed in order to use any accrued PTO days.

You must submit requests for absences or tardiness, other than sick leave, via the website 10 days before the start of the period in which the requested days fall into. Your direct supervisor will have 96 hours to approve the request upon date of receipt and submit to Human Resources.

Please Use The Following Form Below To Submit Your PTO Request.  Thank you!

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