Six Day Work Week Approval Request

Welcome to the PTO Requests Submission Page.  Are you planning a vacation? Jury Duty?  Maybe feeling a little under the weather and need to take the day off?  Well, the PTO Requests Submission Page was created just for you!  

As members of the CHM family, you all know that our business operates in one of the most demanding and high energy industries out there, the Hospitality industry. Historically our industry has been known to work while the rest of the world plays. Some might say it takes a special individual to be a restaurant or hospitality manager - and I agree.

Although it was communicated to each Manager during the initial interview process that 6 day work weeks may be required, a 6 day workweek is not the standard at CHM. However, the reality is that they do happen. Whether there is a big game, a manager on vacation, an unexpected emergency… some individuals may work a 6 day work week.

  • All 6-day work weeks must be pre-approved by the Regional Manager and CEO in writing.

  • General Managers are responsible for documenting all approved 6 day work weeks on the Development Calendar to insure accurate payroll processing.

Please Use The Following Form Below To Submit Your Six Day Work Week Approval Request.  Thank you!

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