Welcome To THE BIG SHOW!

Welcome to The Big Show. Here at CHM, we believe our managers are the key to our business success. We strive to hire, develop and retain the best managers! In order to become the leader in our industry, we encourage, support and compensate our managers based on our philosophy of recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance. Although we believe that performance evaluation is an ongoing and daily process, we do have an annual performance review procedure in place that documents and highlights the previous year’s successes and opportunities. This is the CHM annual performance review process, aka The Big Show. Annually, each manager is asked to complete a self-evaluation in order to assess their individual performance and contribution to CHM, while their direct supervisor completes their own evaluation on the individual’s performance. These two components, self-evaluation and supervisor evaluation, along with a private discussion, comprise The Big Show. Annual compensation increases are linked to the manager performance documented and discussed during The Big Show. Sit back, relax, get your popcorn and enjoy The Big Show

The Big Show Guidelines

Upon a manager’s eligibility date to participate in The Big Show, GMs and restaurants will receive a directional email stating it is time for you to complete The Big Show. This email will include a link to The Big Show located on the CHM website. This link is as follow: www.chmgmt.net/the-big-show. The Big Show Process is as follows:

1. Manager Self-Evaluation – Due 7 days after receipt of the email.

2. GM Evaluation – Due 7 days after receipt of the email.

3. Performance Discussion – Takes place no later than 14 days after receipt of the email.

Upon receipt of this email, the GM and the manager will have 7 days to complete the online portion of The Big Show. This includes the manager completing their self-evaluation and the GM completing their evaluation on the manager.  It is important to remember that both the manager and the GM must complete the Financial and Guest Metric Reference Sheet before proceeding to their respective online sections of The Big Show.  You may download your specific form below. 

Click For BIG SHOW Financial & Guest Metric Reference Sheet Smashburger Version

Click For BIG SHOW Financial & Guest Metric Reference Sheet Buffalo Wild Wings Version

The performance discussion will be scheduled no later than 7 days after both sections of The Big Show (self-evaluation and GM evaluation) have been completed.

The GM must send an email to Heather.Pratt@chmgmt.net confirming that the performance discussion has taken place.

The Human Resources Department will respond in writing to the manager concerning any changes to employment status and/or pay rate and effective date of any changes. You will receive this communication no later than 10 days from the completion of The Big Show.

When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.
— Joe Paterno

Please select from the appropriate link below to proceed to THE BIG SHOW relevent to you. Please note that The Big Show is NOT concept specific.